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Protest 2.0 - We need your support! – Update on "Council of the European Union:

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Protest 2.0 - We need your support! – Update on "Council of the European Union: EU : You cannot stop terrorism by restricting legal gun ownership."

Firearms United just posted an update on the petition you signed, Council of the
European Union: EU : You cannot stop terrorism by restricting legal gun ownership..

Protest 2.0 - We need your support!
European Parliament is our last hope after the Council supported most of the
Commission's proposals by banning "most dangerous" firearms (without
evidence and impact assesssment) and restricting the legal access to firearms.
Committee IMCO will vote on 14th July.

* Inform your friends
* Write to politicians
* Sign and share the petition
* Donate for our Fighting Fund
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Nearly 330.000 people signed the petition. You can see from which countries they
came here:

You want to know the working process and dates? We've made a short overview:

After the shameful approval of the restrictive proposals of the Dutch Presidency by
the Council of the European Union, it’s up to hunters and sport shooters EU-wide to
pressure the European Parliament to reject all proposals! You find the list of the
emails here:
Read more:

FIREARMS UNITED has been engaged in the fight against the EU Commission’s unjust
proposal to amend the Firearms Directive since the day it was published in November
2015. Meanwhile we are exhausting our funds which are badly required to sustain our

This “fighting fund” shall be used to cover the expenses arising from travel to
Brussels, internal and external communication, research and drawing up of reports,
the institution of legal proceedings and any other requirements for the specific
goal of safeguarding YOUR interests.

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More informations about FIREARMS UNITED:

You can use a translation tool (right site) for browsing in our new webpage which
has been visited in the last 6 weeks more than 460.000 times.

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Tipo isverst ? :) 

vel eu nori del terorizmo gresmes griestinti legaliu ginklu laikyma ir isigijaima.
Jei manai, kad teroristai usiima terorizmu legaliai laikomais ginklais nepasirasyk, jei manai , kad tai idiotizmas prisidek prie peticijos:

Ten nedauk reikia ivest: vardas, pavarde miestas

ka tik padetu ...
bloga valdzia, jei bijo legaliai ginkluotu savo pilieciu ...



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